Twitter User Claims the World is Ending on Wednesday


Samantha Cornett, Editor in Chief

The Internet has become a place rife with absurd conspiracy theories. Some of the most recent involved a Twitter user and the end of the world.

Twitter user @mazapanurie started a thread on March 18 about his theory that the world is ending on April 18, 2018. It all started with a simple voicemail received by twitter user @Strayedaway. According it @Strayedaway, an unknown number left a voicemail saying what originally sounded like random words, but which was later was translated using the military alphabet that used internationally in radio communications. The message translates into “danger, SOS, it’s dire for you to evacuate be cautious they are not human SOS danger SOS.” Then the voicemail ends by giving coordinates to a coast in Indonesia.

Sophomore Ava Kreitner said, “I think the world will be fine. It always is.”

After tweeting about the voicemail, @Staryedaway received a direct message from twitter user @bdbxtjmsa. The direct message was in Indonesian and translated to “end the post you just shared about the recording on your phone,” which made him feel like there was something about his tweet that was hitting too close to home for some government entities. 

A few days after receiving the direct message, @Staryedaway watched a man stop at 3 a.m. in front his house to take a photo with flash of his house, then walk away.

User @mazapanurie read @Staryedaway’s tweet and started a thread to elaborate an extensive, if absurd, theory that the world is going to end on April 18. He claimed that the message was left from the black box of the Malaysia Flight 369. For those who find it impossible to see how that could be, he added that the voicemail was left “after two large solar flares were released causing a soon to be solar storm.” According to @mazapanurie, electromagnetic activity in the air might be the cause of random people getting calls and voicemails from the black box.

@mazapanurie said, “if these black box recordings match the voicemail am I saying that Malaysia fight 369 encountered something nonhuman? Yes, I am saying that. Something on that plane was not human.”

So, from a tweet about a voicemail to a tweet about aliens on a missing Malaysian flight, we come to a new tweet addressed to both @Staryedaway and @mazapanurie. The tweet, written in code by @Hijj370, said “You may not find 379 but you can find what caused it go 379. And you don’t have to find who caused it, they will thus find you.” @mazapanurie also decided to decode the name on @Hijj370’s profile, which somehow led to the conclusion that it indicated the date April 18, 2018. 

Shortly after posting this theory, @mazapanurie claims he received a direct message from twitter user @brrtkhh in Morse Code. When translated, it said “message received is well related to Stephen Hawking’s death. You’re not ready to face them.” According to @mazapanurie, Stephen Hawking said before he died that something bad was going to happen to the world in 2018. The direct message ended with numbers which ended with 41818, which people are saying confirms the April 18, 2018 date as significant.

After reading these accusations, @mazapanurie claimed that Malaysia’s government has offered to pay U.S. company Ocean Infinity up to $70 million if they can find the wreckage of the Malaysia flight within three months. They started searching January 17, 2018, so @mazapanurie connects this to the idea that the next day after three months is up, April 18, that the world will end if the plane is not found.

After learning this new information, @mazapanurie did some research on the coordinates given to him in his direct message. When he looked them up on Google Earth, he discovered a little brown spot in a pure green forest. He said, “In Muslim culture, they told stories of an ancient breed of people called God [sic – Gog] and Magog.” 

According to @mazapanurie interpretation of Gog and Magog, they were a destructive duo who could destroy the world. Their king hid them behind a wall where nobody knows, but there is story that once they escape, no one will be able to stop their destruction. @mazapanurie connected Gog and Magog to the non-humans being talked about in @Strayedaway’s voicemail, and they are locked behind the wall at the given coordinates in Indonesia. According to him, the coordinates are “kinda close to the last place the Malaysia flight 370 lost primary radar contact.”

@mazapanurie used a supposed March 20 Internet issue in Malaysia due to a solar interruption to further support his interpretation of the cause of the mysterious voicemail. 

Lastly, @mazapanurieadds added that, according to some interpretations of “Revelation” from the Bible, there will be a Rapture. In @mazapanurie’s view, this is the day that Jesus comes down from heaven and takes people who believe in him back with him, leaving everyone else to handle the devil. He thinks this will happen on April 18, 2018.

Using this religious book as support, @mazapanurie claims that good aliens could be coming for people who believe in Jesus to make them something greater, while leaving everyone else here with the evil aliens.

McIntosh students remained largely skeptical of this “End of the World” theory.

Sophomore Maria Espinosa said, “It doesn’t say in the Bible that there is going to be a rapture. And as for everything else about the flight’s black box, I think it is made up. If it does end though, on the bright side it will be after spring break.”

Sophomore Kaia Beatty said, “I don’t want to believe it. I want to live my life, but there’s enough evidence to back it up. God has a plan.”

Freshmen Bonnie Moore said, “I don’t know anything about it. I just think it’s going to end.”

Junior Emma Murray said, “No, I don’t think the world will end because there is no proof or reasoning as to why the entire world would end at once.”

Senior Keagan Galbraith said, “I hope the world doesn’t end on April 18 because graduation is coming up and that will be a very important day for many McIntosh students.”