Students prepare for milestones

Arden Estep, Staff Writer

With milestones test next week, students have taken action by preparing for these tests in various ways.  Freshman Juliana Pickard suggests going over a little bit of material from previous chapters each night leading up to the tests. Whereas sophomore Izzy McLaughlin confesses to the method if just winging it.

Juliana said, “Milestones are what everyone dreads, but they can be less awful with study sessions and study dates with friends. With plenty of study outings, it is more likely that you will feel better prepared for these inevitable tests and go into them with a more positive outlook.”

Izzy said, “I haven’t really been prepping for milestones honestly. I have two milestones and have, so far, only been provided with one study guide. I have been reviewing it a little bit, but they are both fairly easy classes, so I’m not too worried about doing poorly and will probably end up winging it for the most part.”

Arden Estep
Freshman Juliana Pickard prepares for milestones by reviewing previous material.