“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” Hits the Top Charts


Graphic created using Canva by Savannah Hayes

Savannah Hayes, News Editor

Though the striking new Disney movie “Encanto” has only been released on Disney+ since Dec. 24, it has acquired lots of fame in the past few months. The song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” by Lin-Manuel Miranda, in particular, has been brought to the Billboard’s Top 100 songs as of Jan. 31. This is the first time in 29 years that a Disney song has been at the No. 1 spot on the top 100 list.
This is the first time since 1993 when “A Whole New World” from Disney’s “Aladdin” that a Disney song has reached this amount of popularity. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” even passed the movie “Frozen” with the song “Let It Go,” which was at best No. 5 in 2013. The song kicked out Adele’s song “Easy on Me” from the No. 1 spot after claiming the spot for 10 consecutive weeks. “Easy on Me” now holds the No. 2 spot with 14.1 million streams.
“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” has had more than 34 million streams. On a poll conducted on the MHStrail Instagram page, 23 out of 46 poll respondents said they would or have already added “We Don’t Talk ABout Bruno ” to a playlist. While a question about how often people listen to the song brought @addieowens and @seanly1234 to say “every day”. Though some responders do not seem to have an interest in the song like @00ice_bear00 said “never” and @marissatapiz said, “never because TikTok ruined the song for me.”
There has never been a song in the No. 1 position with so many credited lead singers till “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”. Carolina Gaitán, Mauro Castillo, Adassa, Rhenzy Feliz, Diane Guerrero, Stephanie Beatriz, and the “Encanto ” cast have all gained the credit, this having six singers named beats the previous record of five singers credited. The specific people mentioned are voice actors for the characters in the Movie that pay a great contribution to the song. “We Don’t Talk ABout Bruno” is also the first song of Miranda’s to make top charts.
The song gets sung about halfway through the movie “Encanto” and it explains the reasons why the family Madrigal avoids talking about “Bruno”. He has the power to tell the future and the whole town and family believe he creates the worst scenarios for their lives. The movie as a whole follows a young hero named Mirabel who is trying to save her family’s magic, commonly referred to as their miracle. Other songs in the movie include “The Family Madrigal,” “Waiting On A Miracle,” “Surface Pressure,” and “What Else Can I Do?” all among many more.
Once asked if she would add “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” to a playlist sophomore Ali Ermolaev said, “Not that [song] specifically, cause there are just others that I like more, from the same movie.” One song Ermolaev likes more is “What else can I do” since “It’s more upbeat and I like the rhythm better. It has a good message.”
Overall “We Don’t Talk about Bruno” has received a large amount of attention, both good and bad. It has broken many records and received many awards and accomplishments through the short amount of time it has been released.