Freshmen girls’ soccer players anticipate season


Helen Moore

Charlotte Moore plays for the top U15 AFC Lightning team.

Kamryn Torr, Staff Writer

As the new semester approaches, soccer players are preparing for tryouts.

Freshman Charlotte Moore will be trying out for striker. Charlotte has played soccer since she was 9. Charlotte said, “I am nervous because I want to be in shape and want to be able to handle the ball correctly, but nerves sometimes get to me. I just want to really impress the coaches.” Charlotte is most excited for meeting new people and playing with some good friends. Charlotte said, “My goal is just to improve as a player overall and possibly get good enough to have college recognition when I’m older.” Charlotte said, “I used to really want to be on varsity, but you have to be really good, and I’m not sure I’m that good yet. Now I’m thinking JV would be fun, and as a freshman it would be a good accomplishment.”

Freshman Analise Stierwalt will be trying out for midfield or defense. Analise has played soccer for a year. Analise said, “I am nervous about my skill level compared to others.” Analise said she is most excited about having a new team and about the season ahead. Analise said, “My individual goal is to score at least 3 goals within the next season.” Analise is hoping to make the freshmen team.

Freshman Shannon Ladgefoged will be trying out for midfield. Shannon has played soccer for 11 years. Shannon said, I am nervous about not doing the best I can for the coaches to see.” Shannon is most excited about getting to be on a school team and seeing what it’s like. She is also excited about becoming closer with teammates and becoming better at the game. Shannon said, “My individual goal is to do the best I possibly can to improve as a player moving forward.” Shannon is hoping to make the JV team.

Soccer conditioning will start for the girls on Jan. 6. After that, they will have more conditioning on Jan. 8, 11, and 13. The boys have already started conditioning for the season ahead, but both teams will have tryouts at the end of January.