Baseball forced to move game due to vehicle malfunction


The Chiefs take the field in a recent home game against Jonesboro.

Jackson Stone, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, Mar. 10, the McIntosh Chiefs varsity baseball team was scheduled to have a home double-header against Riverdale, meaning the teams would play back-to-back games in the same night.

The Chiefs were coming off of a close home loss on Friday that actually took place at the local Home Plate baseball facility due to the poor condition of the McIntosh fields.

However, Riverdale was unable to find a way to get to the games on Tuesday, meaning that the two teams were unable to do battle.

“It was very weird,” said senior player Andrew Villiger. “It was the first time I can remember something like this happening.”

In order to make up for the lost time, the Chiefs will attempt to play Riverdale in a triple header on Thursday, Mar. 12, which would be an unprecedented move for the school.

Let’s hope the Raiders can hitch a ride to the game this time.