Don’t drop the ball on McIntosh basketball spirit

New basketball season with new themes, fans and players


Photo of McIntosh home basketball game, courtesy of the Legend Yearbook.

Luke Soule, Multimedia Editor

The basketball games at McIntosh are a prominent demonstration of school spirit and support of the teams and the players themselves. Similarly to the football games that have taken place at McIntosh, themes also accompany the games, bringing a positive atmosphere and another way to engage in school spirit.

“Our students coming to games and cheering us on is one of my favorite things about playing basketball. Not only do they greatly encourage us, but their presence flusters our opponents as well,” varsity basketball player and senior Brendan Cheri said.

Cheering on the McIntosh basketball team as a student brings an essence of overpowering encouragement, especially since they are all familiar faces.

“It makes my team and I feel completely proud when the students come [to] support their chiefs,” senior Maya Nowell said.

Whether home or away, even only attending the games boosts the confidence of the players.

“I really enjoy people coming out and supporting the team and believe that, if you can, you should go to the games,” freshman basketball player Chance Collins said.

However, with the excitement that comes with the ups and downs of the game, different forms of disrespect can take shape.

“Although it is amazing that the fans have passion towards the game, they still need to be respectful to the players of the teams,” Nowell said.

Bad sportsmanship is something that athletes do not support and something that McIntosh should not represent.

“I think fans should act in a manner that represents McIntosh High School and not tear down other teams with foul language, all while having a great time,” varsity basketball player and senior Jack Zanebis said.

It doesn’t matter if the students dress out for the themes, as long as they bring their school spirit

— Maya Nowell, varsity center

A way fans show their support in a positive way is through themes.

“One thing I would like to see change in fan support would be more participation regarding the theme of the game,” Zanebis said.

Dressing the theme brings another level of support, letting players recognize that their peers are active in supporting their players.

“I feel that students can choose whether they want to participate in themes and/or sit in the student section. However, seeing a ton of students all in creative things is a sight to see,” Cheri said.

Although dressing the theme shows support, students do not have to dress to support their team.

“It doesn’t matter if the students dress out for the themes, as long as they bring their school spirit,” Nowell said.

Although students could be less willing to dress up depending on the theme, students with their different renditions can always be seen dressed up in the stands.

“The themes are always fun, even if they get weird sometimes, but it’s always fun to dress in them. My favorite was the suits and ties one,” junior Matthew DellaTorre said.

Themes are chosen by seniors.

“I definitely think that students should attend the basketball games, even if you don’t dress the themes. It’s always good to show your support for your themes,” junior Christian Clark said.

The Chiefs next take on Northside tonight at home at 7:30 p.m.