McIntosh beats Drew County 58 – 21

Homecoming game set second school record against Drew HS

On Oct. 14 2022, the McIntosh Football team, adorned in pink and black for Breast Cancer Awareness month, the team burst past the Oct. 7 37-0 loss against Northgate while the home crowd erupted in cheers throughout the winning game, 58-21.

The Chiefs gained the lead in the first quarter, 14-0, and held it steadily throughout the game. Drew County scored their first touchdown in the second quarter. 27-14 Chiefs lead Drew at the end of the first half, and throughout it Marcus Malone scored 3 Touchdowns including a blocked filed goal returned 85 yards for a Touchdown. According to the McIntosh Chiefs Football Facebook account, “Marcus Malone burns [through] the defense for a 27 yard score, his fourth of the night. McIntosh leads Drew 41-14 with 7:23 left in the 3Q.”

The team was confident and along with the help of the crowd’s roars tore through Drew’s defenses and at the end of the night, finished the game with 58 – 21. According to McIntosh Football’s Twitter, “58-21 Chiefs beat Drew! [We’ve] Improve[d] to 4-4 [in] the season and 1-1 in the region! What a game!” the Chiefs scored 58 points which is the 2nd most points scored in a game in McIntosh School history! The record is 77 points which was also against Drew in 2013!

“I thought we played fantastic but I’m most proud by our performance in working as a team, and even if we hadn’t won I would have still been happy because the energy when you stepped onto that field was just incredible,” freshman Matthew Bailey said.

Marcus Malone won Recruit Georgia’s Week 9 Top Play of the Week with 40.3% of the total vote, and was also the Academy Sports Play of the Week with 70.67% of the total vote.

After a BYE week, the Chiefs next face off against Harris County at home for Senior Night on Nov. 4 at 7:30 p.m.