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Tropical Storm Ian, despite aiming for Florida, has affected sports across Fayette County

Friday night's game against Heard County moved to 7 p.m.

Editor’s Note: Hurricane Ian was downgraded to Tropical Storm Ian after the original publication of this story.  

According to the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Ian has changed course again, and it is set to make landfall on the west coast of Florida in the next few hours. Current projections have the storm crossing over central Florida and potentially curving back east to strike coastal Georgia and move through central and north Georgia over the weekend.

As of Wednesday, Sept. 28, Ian has strengthened to a Category 4 Hurricane, and wind speeds are currently 2 mph short of being considered a Category 5 hurricane.

“Catastrophic storm surge inundation of 12 to 16 feet above ground level…Widespread prolonged major and record river flooding expected,” a statement released by the National Hurricane Center, describing potential conditions.

Hurricane Ian has also affected sports throughout Fayette County.

“[Seventy-five] games have been moved [from Friday night] to Thursday. That’s not including games today, which I know more have been moved to today, including Whitewater versus Fayette County,” athletic director Leon Hammond said.

This also affects indoor sports that are traveling this weekend. The MHS Varsity Cheerleaders are set to head to Starr’s Mill Saturday for a cheerleading competition and the Varsity Volleyball team has a tournament. The decision on whether or not the Chiefs could participate would be made at the county level, according to MHS Atheletic Director Leon Hammond.

“They will determine if we could still host an event or travel. I was talking to [Assistant Principal Dan] Lakly and there’s a potential for a state of emergency from Governor Kemp. Obviously, if we have that, that’s going to table everything including Friday’s game,” Hammond said.

Hammond also said that Friday night’s football game at home against Heard County will start at 7 p.m. instead of 7:30.

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