McIntosh Baseball – 2022 Varsity Season in Review

Photo by: Shutterstock

Photo by: Shutterstock

Landon Wilde, News Editor

With Summer right around the corner and Spring coming to an end, so do Spring sports. Since the beginning of January, the McIntosh baseball team has worked day in and day out to have the best season they possibly could have had. Now, with the season over, 32 games played, and one round of playoffs finished, the Chiefs baseball players are hanging up the cleats until next season.

The team finished the season with a 17 win and 15 loss record. In region play, they finished an even 500 at 9 wins and 9 losses. One of the team’s goals all season was to make the playoffs. Towards the end of region play the chances of making the playoffs were not looking too good. The Chiefs did not lose hope. McIntosh had to sweep Northgate and Starr’s Mill had to sweep Northside Columbus in order for McIntosh to secure the fourth seed in the playoffs.

Starr’s Mill did end up beating Northside in all three games, several of which ended in dramatic fashion in extra innings. And McIntosh took the field against Northgate ready to play with everything on the line. The Chiefs proved themselves to be the better team and won all three games. The team fought and made it to the postseason.

In the first round of the playoffs, the Chiefs were set to take on Ola High School. Being the fourth seed, McIntosh would have to travel to Ola and play the Mustangs on their home turf.

On Wednesday, April 27, two of the best of the three-game series were played in a doubleheader format. If the series was split after the doubleheader, one final game would be held the following day to break the tie. However, it never came to a third game as McIntosh lost both games that night.

Throughout the season several players stood out and helped propel the team to its success. Sean Bailey, Owen Thomas, Joe Glozier, Tate Morris, Luke Meszar and Trey King were a few.

Bailey was a powerhouse at the plate all season. Positioned at third base he was able to boast the highest batting average on the team at an amazing .423.

Thomas was the ace on the mound this year. If Thomas was on the mound you knew it. If not by the sound of the umpire ringing up a total of 78 batters this season then by his memorable neon green cleats he wore on Friday night games in the all-black uniforms.

If you’re up to bat, be sure to hit it anywhere but centerfield because McIntosh had a guy for that: Glozier. With his speed and powerful arm, Glozier was one of the most consistent and effective outfielders all year.

Morris was quite the utility man this year for the team. If he wasn’t starting behind the dish he was most likely starting on the bump. Morris was able to throw out a large number of runners trying to steal bases, hit home runs, and pitch a great game. While leading the team in home runs he also pitched a perfect game against Northgate to help secure a spot in the playoffs.

Meszar, a junior, stepped up and filled the hole the team had at second base. After securing his position on the field early in the season he never let it go. Every game Meszar showed his skill and consistency and continued to improve all the way through the season.

King, the UGA commit at shortstop, was always able to make the big plays. Whether in the field or at the plate he was able to get the job done. With a fielding percentage of .982 and a batting average of .364 King proved his worth as a commit all season.