McIntosh Chiefs vs. Griffin Bears – Who Will Win the Region?

The McIntosh Chiefs will face the Griffin High School Bears tonight, January 28th to determine who takes first place in the region.


Tracy Guo

Audrey Zimmerman

Tonight, Jan. 28, 2022, is one of the biggest games of the season as the McIntosh Chiefs will be playing against the Griffin High School Bears to determine who wins first place in the region. Just last Friday, McIntosh battled their rival, Starr’s Mill, during “The Battle of the Bubble” and the varsity boy’s team won 57-51 in overtime.

If the boy’s basketball team wins against Griffin tonight, senior Bray Taylor assures that he will donate $200 to one of three charities chosen by students that participate in the student section weekly.

On the @McIntoshStudentSection Instagram account, senior Bray Taylor commented that he “will donate $500 to aiding Elias’ recovery in honor of the Chiefs regardless (if Chiefs win or lose).” Elias Peralta was injured in a golf cart accident in late October, which “caused an injury on his spine” according to a GoFundMe made to raise money for Elias’ recovery.

“I’m coming out of pocket myself to donate $500 to Elias,” Bray Taylor said. “Elias is a really good friend of mine and I recently have been working extra shifts and with that money I’ve earned, I’d like to simply donate it towards his cause.”

The varsity girls basketball team will be playing at 6:00 pm, and the varsity boys basketball team will be playing at 7:30 pm.