Track Season Has Begun

Oluchi Ugbajah, Staff Writer

Although this year has been difficult, McIntosh sports have continued, with a few changes. Track season has started and our runners are ecstatic, especially those that were not able to run last spring due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I hope we actually get to run this year,” said junior Alisia Rae, “because last year, we only had three track meets and then the season ended due to the virus.”

Due to the pandemic, many conditions are going to be different this track season. As face coverings, the runners will use neck gaiters because it is more comfortable for them when they run. Track meets will take place Wednesday evenings and early mornings on Saturdays. The runners have been practicing and training since Jan. 13 for their first meet scheduled for the second week of February.

“This is my first year running, so maybe we will be able to have a semi-normal season where we have meets and run,” sophomore Dolly Thomas, said. The school announcement and McIntosh website would most likely have more information if you’re interested in the track team.