Powder Puff Preparations Complete

Jackson Johnson, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Sept. 25 McIntosh’s annual Powder Puff game kicks off. For those who are new to McIntosh or are unaware of what Powder Puff is, the junior and senior class girls will face off against each other in a head to head flag football, but with a twist. The junior and senior girls are the ones playing football while the guys are on the sideline with palm palms cheering on their classmates. 

 “I played last year and we barely lost, so I am super excited and ready to play again this year,” said senior Skylar Dzenis. “ here isn’t a doubt in my mind about it, the seniors are winning this year.” 

“I didn’t really think it would be that much fun, but going to practice was actually so fun,” said senior Annisten Leone. “ I’m really excited for the game and playing with all of my friends.”

“We got done with our first day of practice getting ready for the game on Wednesday, and we are actually pretty good,” said junior Julia Raniere. “We will probably end up getting crushed but juniors rule so it’s okay.” 

“I’m playing defense this year and am super excited,” said junior Katie Barry. “I’m going to be defending a lot of my friends and I honestly can’t wait.”