Girls Tennis Team Meets for Tennis Banquet


Senior Abigail Hooper and her freshman sister Livy Hooper at the Loft at Due South

Marissa Shockley, Staff Writer

The tennis season has officially ended and the girls’ McIntosh Tennis Team met at Due South for their annual end of the year banquet to celebrate the end of the season. The seniors that have been on the team for all four years received plaques from the coaches to honor their commitments. New underclassmen members of the team received their letters for their letterman jackets. The tennis players and their parents were given food and coaches were given presents by the players.

“The banquet was a really good opportunity to hang out with my team for one last time.” said senior Lucy Vazquez.

The Lady Chiefs came together as a team this year to take on other competitive teams, but were ultimately defeated during state championships.

“I was pretty upset about losing the state championships because we had a really amazing and talented team, and it was sad to see it over so soon,” said junior Lauren Prokop.

While this season ended with a defeat, the girls are excited for the team to come back together for next year’s season.

“I’m really excited to come back next year to try and get state champs again,” said freshman Kate Pickard.