Soccer Celebrates Senior Night

Charlotte Moore, Staff Writer

On Tues. April 9, the McIntosh Lady Chiefs and Chiefs soccer teams took on the Griffin High School Bears.  McIntosh girls and boys celebrated Senior Night. The girls beat Griffin 10-0 and the guys won 9-0 to finish celebrating senior night.

Between the girl’s and boy’s game, the celebration occurred. The non-senior Varsity players lined up across from one another leaving a space in between for seniors and their families to walk between.  The girls’ ceremony was first including a total of 6 seniors. Stephanie Yi (goalkeeper) walked out with her dad, Grace Podolski (forward) walked with her mom and dad, Tariah Miller (forward) was escorted by her mom, dad, and step-mom, Lane Wortmann (forward) walked with her mom, Mackensi Rohn (midfield) walked with her mom and dad and twin sister, Mikaela, and Hannah Elwell (defense) walked out with her mom and dad.  “I have been looking forward to senior night since I made the team sophomore year,” said Stephanie Yi, “It is exciting to receive gifts from the underclassmen and have dinner with all the other seniors the night before the game.”

The boys’ ceremony followed with a total of 9 seniors.  Senior Arman Ostradazem (center back) was escorted with his mom and dad, Bailey Lopez (forward) was escorted by his mom and dad, Brandon Fambro (center back) was lead by his mom, sister, and brother, Baba Agbaje (forward) walked with his dad, Ryan McBride (forward) walked with his mom and dad, Harrison Soles (defense) walked with his sister, mom, and dad, Matias Cuestas (goalkeeper) walked with his mom and dad, Erik Malasek (forward) walked with his mom and dad, and Addison Dattilo (midfield) walked on crutches next to his mom and dad.  Addison was unable to play in his senior night due to a broken foot.

“This night is what all seniors look forward to. I think all of us had an amazing night,” said Ryan McBride.