The Only Girl on the Wrestling Team: Jocelyn Wang

Jocelyn Wang is defying the odds by being the only girl to join the wrestling team this year. She is breaking down barriers that many people thought could not be broken. For example, many people think that wrestling is only a male sport. Who said girls can’t wrestle?

Jocelyn first joined the wrestling team because one of her friends was going to wrestle this year.

“At first I was hesitant to contact the coach, but I talked to one of my other friends and he told me that wrestling was a ‘male sport’ and that I shouldn’t do it,” Wang said, “That only motivated me more.”

She  enjoys watching independent combat sports, so that was a big factor in her decision to join the team. She wrestles boys that are bigger in size and height. That doesn’t stop her. It only makes her work harder and strive to do her best.

Jocelyn’s experience so far has been a learning process.

“Being honest, I can’t say I look forward to practice every day, but it’s all part of the experience,” Wang said, “I’m constantly learning new things and doing what I never thought I could.”

The wrestling team practices 11 and a half hours Monday through Friday.

“Even though it’s pretty draining sometimes, I really enjoy it and am so glad I started,” Wang said.

She believes that gender should not matter when deciding what sport to play. If there is something you want to do, you should go out and do it despite of what is supposedly “normal”.

“My advice to other girls is that being a girl shouldn’t limit your abilities,” said Wang, “In fact, it should empower you to do your best,” Wang said.

“My advice to other girls is that being a girl shouldn’t limit your abilities.In fact, it should empower you to do your best.””

— Jocelyn Wang