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Cheer Team Competes in State Competition

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Saturday, November 10, the competition cheer team competed for the state title at Columbus State University. The team finished in fifth place in the Co-Ed division.

“Although it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, I still had so much fun and wouldn’t have wanted to go with anyone else but my team,” said sophomore Sophie Marshall.

“Our team was close like a family,” said senior captain Claire Wilson. “Maybe even a little too close, because we would occasionally goof off at practice when we should’ve been working,” she said.

Wilson acknowledged that the cheer team faltered at the state competition.  “Our final performance was not our best,” said Wilson. “ To be honest, our performance was completely unexpected, and we were disappointed that we did not perform like we had practiced. Despite the outcome at state, our hard work did not go unnoticed, and I know that the team will come back better than ever next year.”

The team was adapting to a brand new environment. They competed in the Co-ed division this year rather than their previous 5A division. The addition of senior Bennett Cate prompted the division change.

Cate cheered for the JV team last year and led the team to the Co-ed division change when he made the Varsity team this year.  “It was a unique experience in the coed division because I was the only guy,” said Cate. “Our team was a little worried at the beginning of the season but after we all got to know each other, the only thing that could stop us was ourselves,” said Cate.  He is a senior, so the team plans to return to the 5A division next year.

With the competition marking the end of another competition season, another wave of seniors were lamenting the end of their Mcintosh Cheer Career. Senior Lauren Schimandle is one of those seniors. “Although my competition cheer days are over, I will always support Mcintosh Cheerleading and come back to cheer on my family,” said Schimandle.  

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Cheer Team Competes in State Competition