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Boys’ Basketball has Begun

Lexie Holder, Staff Writer

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McIntosh High School and other Fayette County schools are ready to start a fresh new season of America’s favorite indoor past-time. The McIntosh season starts with an initial starter excitedly referred to as “Mac-Madness,” One team imparticular is extremely eager to battle in their first High School team. Mac Madness is expected to start in November and for freshmen players, this is their time to shine and show Varsity coaches what they are capable of. The initial rosters are composed but will not be finalized and posted until football and cross country athletes have had their opportunity to try out.

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Lexie Holder, Staff writer

Ninth grade student-athlete Lexie Holder finds a balance between her Mcintosh softball schedule and contributing to journalism as a new member of the Mcintosh...

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Boys’ Basketball has Begun