Freshmen give input on first year running cross country

Freshman Shane Karafanda competes in the Carrolton meet on Saturday, Sept. 12.

Freshman Shane Karafanda competes in the Carrolton meet on Saturday, Sept. 12.

Kamryn Torr, Staff Writer

With Cross Country getting in the swing of things, first year runners have much to say about their first year on the team. With 11 meets in all and only a few behind them, the Chiefs have much of the season still ahead of them.

Brooke Raniere said, “As a freshman I wanted to participate in a sport.” Aside from playing soccer, Brooke said she loves to run, so cross country is another way to stay in shape and do something she loves. As it is her first year, Brooke said that she wants to improve, make new friends and work hard every chance she gets to be the best she can be. Brooke said that she enjoys the fact that she can stay fit while running with friends and is able to eat a lot. Brooke said that being able to run with friends is what she enjoys most about being on the team. Brooke said that the thoughts she has when running are either, “Wow I feel good, When can I walk, or I want water.”

Also, a first year runner for McIntosh, Freshman Shane Karafanda said he has a goal to break a 19 minute 5k. Shane said, “When I’m running, I am personally at my best.” Shane said that positives about cross country are “definitely the ice baths and meets.” Shane’s pre-race rituals include eating pasta the night before, listening to music on the bus, and praying before the race. With about 11 hours of practice a week, Shane said that he enjoys improving his times and being able to talk with his teammates. Shane said that his thought when he runs is, “I wish I could see how fast I’m running.”