Senior superlative special: Tyler Dowse, most likely to suceed


Janette Barnhill

Most likely to suceed

Varsity soccer state champion, Tyler Dowse, is already on a path towards success at the young age of 18. Currently ranked number 7 in the class of 2014, Tyler’s four years at McIntosh have been difficult but eventful.

Constantly juggling sports and grades, Tyler efficiency is remarkable. His love for soccer has driven him to become the amazing athlete he is today. Traveling all over the southeast for soccer, Tyler enjoys these privileges but sometimes regrets them when it comes to his academics.

Next year, Tyler will be playing soccer for Dartmouth College. Excited to begin his journey at Dartmouth, Tyler will be attending with academic and athletic privileges. He says, “I’m incredibly thrilled to be attending Dartmouth in the fall of 2014, 10 years ago I never would have imagined myself branching out this far with my soccer career.”

As a senior at McIntosh and a representative for the class of 2014, Tyler’s leadership and academic skills have shaped him into the person he is today.