Senior Superlative Special: Most Technological


Fatima (left) and Richard (right) looking dashing on prom. Photo courtesy of Fatima Bejarano and photo by Maddie Bunker

We are back with another Senior Superlative Special, this weeks to talk about McIntosh’s most tech savvy: Richard Lasher and Fatima Bejarano.

Most Technological is a new category that stumped many students on who to vote for. Richard Lasher though seemed to be an obvious choice. Richard has been building computers and jail breaking phones since before he came to McIntosh.

Riley O’Brien said,”The kids literally the smartest kid I know. He was in Tech class with me once and blew me away.”

Fatima was a bit more surprised of her new title. She said, “I don’t even own an iPhone! This came as a shock.”
Fatima is more technologically inclined than she let’s on. She is very talented with making movies on computer systems used for projects and advertisement. Currently Fatima is putting her skills to use in her entrepreneurship class, MITC. Fatima plans to major in business in college.