Senior superlative special: Best dressed

Seniors Kyle Bligen and Sammi Moore

Sammie Eskew

Seniors Kyle Bligen and Sammi Moore

Fashion is an important part of everyday life wherever people go. No matter where they are in the world, they get to indulge in various forms of fashion. All individuals have their own sense of fashion.  The MHS senior class of 2014 voted which guy and girl they thought have the most intriguing sense of fashion to be the Best Dressed. For 2014, seniors Sammi Moore and Kyle Bligen were selected.

Sammi Moore is the definition of style. Sammi is always wearing the latest trends, showing off a variety of outfits, and she even expresses her school spirit through her everyday outfits. She is a member of the MHS varsity football cheerleading squad, participates in many McIntosh clubs outside of class, and sets a perfect dress code example for all of her peers. Even when Sammi wants to dress comfortably, she is presented both as cute and appropriate. Freshman Katie Thompson said, “As one of my role models, Sammie never fails to surprise me, whether she’s helping me with biology or just giving fashion advice.”

Kyle Bligen really does dress to impress. If you ever see Kyle in the hallways, you will start to notice that he always either wears a bow tie or a regular tie. Kyle said, “No matter where you go, you will always have an opportunity to make a first impression. In my book, those are very important.” Freshman Jackson Fuentes said, “For the whole time I have been friends with Kyle, I have only witnessed him wear a t-shirt once.”