Senior superlative special: Most Creative


Sammie Eskew

Marguerite and Spencer making some music.

Over the next few weeks, we at the McIntosh Trail will be taking a closer look at the winners of our senior superlatives. These students have been voted as their peers as the most stylish, the funniest, most unforgettable and many more. In this edition of senior superlative special, we’ll be interviewing the most creative at McIntosh, Spencer Obsitnik and Marguerite Murrell.

Spencer is an extremely talented Chief. His freshman year he took graphic arts, but afterwards he shifted his creativity from the computer screen to music. He is a three year member of the MHS Chorus, and has been in the most advanced choir for two years. He has sang in several special choirs including District honor choir and Spivey Hall honor choir. Spencer has performed in the McIntosh quest for talent and blown away the audience. His sophomore year he performed, along with five others, “The Four Chord Song,” which is a song that combines several other songs that all have the same chords. Spencer and the others changed the song to add their own. His junior year, Spencer did a one man act by layering his own voice and instruments to perform an entire song by himself. Outside of McIntosh, Spencer performs in a church band. He has music covers on YouTube, including an original song he wrote with Logan Austin.

Marguerite is a multi-talented feature of the Class of 2014. Marguerite can draw, sing, and act. She has been in the art program at McIntosh for four years, and is currently in her second year of AP art. She is also in her second year of being in McIntosh’s most advanced choir. Marguerite has been in 2 musical productions at McIntosh, “Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat,” in which she played a baker and a wife, and “Into the Woods,” in which she starred as the Witch. Marguerite won the Miss McIntosh scholarship competition in 2011, and has won 2nd and 3rd place in the last two talent show competitions respectively. She also writes for the literary magazine, “MisChief.”

Both Marguerite and Spencer are junior marshals, AP students, and well respected members of the community and school.