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McIntosh makes homework logs mandatory

The move is designed to help students manage their homework loads

Mar 31, 2023

Upon returning from spring break, teachers will now be requiring homework logs with parent signatures as a formative grade. Teachers are now requiring this due to the amount of students not doing their homework. 

“Multiple studies show that writing by hand increases learning, so recording your assignments in your homework logs will enhance your memory and ultimately your learning,” Jane Edwards, English teacher, said.

But not all students are sold on the idea.

“I think that the homework log idea isn’t fair to the people who actually do their homework and get good grades,” sophomore Emily Vee said.

Each day at the beginning of class, students will have to take out your homework log sheet for your teacher to check. A new sheet will be given every week and you will be required to write your first name, last name, grade and week on the front page. 

My parents work all the time so it’s [going to] make things harder than they have to be.”

— Mikayla Larson (12)

“Honestly, I think this was a good idea. Others who don’t do their homework make consequences that affect the ones who do their work” sophomore Lila Carpenter said.

English teacher Rebecca Frisch agrees.

“Homework logs directly caused a 50% increase in the amount of As in my class,” Frisch said.

Every day, there will be a box labeled with the number of questions for that day and a line for your answer. Next to that box, there will be a parent signature line. A parent’s signature will be required for your grade regardless if your homework is done or not. 

“What if we forget the signature but do all the work? My parents work all the time so it’s gonna make things harder than they have to be,” senior Mikayla Larson said.

Studies and statistics support using a homework logging system. Canva graphic designed by Lulu Vitulo

In English you will record what page you’re on for your independent reading or class reading. For Math and science signature boxes will be provided for each day. For extracurriculars, the structure will depend on the class. 

“I think homework logs should’ve been started a while ago, this will definitely help students stay on top of their work,” Savannah Cooper junior said. 

The teachers goal is to get class averages up before final exams. Teachers encourage students to take advantage of homework logs to bring up their averages. They will also be emailing parents if students fail to complete homework logs for the week.

Frisch has noticed parents appreciate the effort homework logs bring their children.

“I received several emails from parents saying that the homework logs were holding their students accountable,” Frisch said.

Admin and teachers hope the outcome of the homework logs are students taking their school work more seriously. They also hope this will improve test scores.

“Homework logs will transform what students are able to actually get done.  By demonstrating strong organizational skills, homework logs are just one of the many ways that my teaching will change lives,” English teacher Andrea Lakly said.

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