Best of MHS Trail Photography 2022-2023

Ryan LeVan, Grace Lovejoy, and Rebekah Bushmire

A varsity football player clutches the ball close mid tackle from the opposing team Rebekah Bushmire
MHS Varsity football player makes a jump to knock the ball out of the opposing players arms Rebekah Bushmire
During a practice for the first ever fashion show, three of the MHS student models practice their poses for the show Lulu Vitulo
Sophomore Addie Blair performed a song by Adele for the school talent show and took home the People’s Choice Award at the end of the night Grace Lovejoy
The Varsity boys football team breaks through their banner for a home football game near the beginning of their seasonGrace Lovejoy
Varsity player number 84 catches an across the field throw and makes it to the endzone for a touch down Rebekah Bushmire