Winter Guard Competes in Their First Competition of the Season

Jordyn Mobley, Editor in Chief/A&E Editor

Freshman Misty Patel thinks about her counts while practicing before the group performs. (Jordyn Mobley)
Director, Barbara Baker, gives the guard a pep talk before their first performance of the season. (Jordyn Mobley)
Junior Cavan Wilcox practices with his rifle before the performance. (Jordyn Mobley)
Freshman Cheyenne Phelps and Lyric Henderson await instruction from their captains. (Jordyn Mobley)
Freshman Lily Rose Costillo stretches in body warmup. (Jordyn Mobley)
Reagan Vetter (11), Armaan Chadha (9) and Jayden Wadlington (9) stand in their opening set. (Jordyn Mobley)
Freshman Misty and Trinity Patel stand in their opening set. (Jordyn Mobley)