Technology: The beginning of our ruin

Why we should tread lightly with the evolution of technology
Effort-free image generated using Canvas Magic Media. Minimal brain power was utilized in the creation of this image.
Effort-free image generated using Canva’s Magic Media. Minimal brain power was utilized in the creation of this image.

We all say that we’re moving towards the future, an age of innovation and technological advancement, but is it really helpful? Is more automation really what we need? I’ve heard stories from the adults in my life about how things were when they were younger, and I’m beginning to wonder if they had a point. Things with technology are just different. 

Don’t get me wrong here, I appreciate technology and I do believe that having an open mind is important, but technology is evolving in a way that can also be detrimental to us. I’m not saying that we should get rid of technology (We’re too far gone for that to happen anyway). But I’m thinking that we should find ways to not depend on it as much. 

How? How are phones, computers, microwaves and AI detrimental? I see the benefits but I also see a double-edged sword here – one that should be wielded with caution. 

Take phones, computers and TV. They’re cool, I’ll admit. I love playing video games. I wouldn’t be able to write as efficiently without my computer, and nothing beats watching Hamilton from the comfort of your home, but we’ve also lost something here. Tech has taken away important values. I’d even say that technology has robbed us of our freedoms to an extent. 

What happened to stepping outside and playing with kids in the neighborhood? What happened to riding bikes and going on adventures? Now these things are rare, and it’s almost as if partying up in Fortnite is more socially acceptable now. We make friends online and connect with others via screens and microphones without even having to move from our rooms. Times have changed, and that’s awesome, but what about the kids who now don’t know how to hold a conversation as a result? 

Look at Gen Alpha, humorously dubbed the “iPad kids”. There are way too many people (me included) complaining about how they’d much rather watch Youtube Kids instead of playing and interacting with their peers. (I also know this for sure because I have iPad kids in my family.)”

— Nyla Kërr

I also read a Forbes article from four years ago that mentions how digital communication has dominated all other forms of communication. That article was from four years ago and things have changed drastically since then, which attests to the rate at which technology is evolving. It’s frightening, honestly. 

Technology has also changed the scope of workplaces as well. When I first moved to California (about three years ago), a supermarket chain called SaveMart used robots to deliver food to customers’ houses. Of course there weren’t nearly enough robots to put anyone out of business, but it’s a possibility that we need to prepare for, especially now that we live in an era where ChatGPT can write our English essays and do our math homework. 

So what will happen when exponentially-developing technology begins to rule the world? It sounds dramatic, but is it really that far away?

It’s not. 

What’ll happen when human-run jobs are replaced by robots, or when we rarely have to step outside? I’ll tell you what will happen because it’s happening now: people will lose their jobs and they won’t be able to carry out simple tasks like filling fast food orders. The whole idea of human resources will be dominated by technology. So, dear people of the world, let’s be smart here. We need to learn how to be responsible with technology. Let’s be conscious of the fact that technology has the power to be destructive and let’s stop depending on it to compromise the way we live our lives.

I’ll say it again: technology is great. It’s helped us get from point A to point B faster, stay in touch with our long-distance loved ones, and it can make life easier. On the same token, technology is rapidly evolving and has the ability to turn us into lifeless couch potatoes. Seriously, use technology with caution. 

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