OPINION: The Hype House gets a Netflix show

Alise Morawsky, Staff Writer

The Netflix television series “Hype House” is based around several well-known social media stars. The creator of the “Hype House,” Thomas Petrou was originally part of a group of influencers named Team 10. Petrou eventually left the group and started his own franchise. Petrou partnered with other up-and-coming influencers, Chase Hudson, and Alex Warren, The group now has their own Netflix show titled Hype House which is a reality TV show. The show launched Jan. 7 of 2022, this new television show displays each social media star behind the camera.
This drama-filled Netflix show reveals the relationship issues between Alex Warren and Kouvr Annon. Warren is a vlogger whose videos consist of him filming himself and his friends doing multiple chaotic activities. These videos are much like popular YouTuber David Dobrik and many have compared the two vloggers because of their similar style of filming and the way they speak. Warren’s girlfriend Annon wishes to get married soon while Warren believes they should wait a while. In the episode titled “POV: Fake Wedding,” When the couple was speaking about their futures Warren states “you know what I want, Is to not worry about that at the age of 20.”
Influencer Larray confronts Nakita Dragun about recent accusations of black face/ black fishing. Larray states, “I see you in person almost all the time, you don’t look like those pictures on the internet.” Dragun has shown multiple signs of black fishing such as excessive use of tanning and use of the popular hairstyle box braids. I am glad Larray, as a black influencer and the only black person in Hype House, Larray finally decided to speak up about the situation.
In episode one titled “A Hype House Divided,” Chase Hudson announces he is creating a different influencer group away from the Hype House. Hudson is upset with producers for fabricating certain information within the show. “I was kinda done dirty a little bit on this Netflix show,” Hudson stated on Instagram live. He claims the producers made it seem as if the group Hype House was paying the rent for his new home. “They tried to make it seem like Hype House is paying my rent, which rubbed me the wrong way.” Hudson goes on to say
“I’ve paid every… dime for this house.”
The Hype House members are already drowning in money as it is, and I don’t believe adding a Netflix show is necessary. In my opinion, Alex Warren and Kouvr Annon will not be a couple much longer, seeing as they want different things out of the relationship. Watching the two talk about their relationship problems in front of a camera is very awkward and uncomfortable for me. Nakita Dragun is very problematic and shouldn’t be in the light of fame anymore. Even though Larray did confront Dragun in the show, It was very brief for such a serious topic and I wish the conversation was longer than it was. Although Chase Hudson’s situation is not mentioned in the show, I do believe the Netflix show screwed him over by making it seem as if the group Hype House paid the rent for his new home. All in all this show is not worth watching and is very overdramatic.