OPINION: Behind the Scenes of Dancing With the Chiefettes


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Morgan Green, Staff Writer

This year, the Chiefettes hosted “Dancing with the Chiefettes¨ in the school auditorium on Oct. 21 at 7 pm. As a Cheifette, the process has been quite stressful. Cheiffetes have to find a dance partner who is a male athlete at McIntosh High School and choreograph a dance randomly chosen by the team. Genres are chosen at random and each Chiefette has the possibility of drawing the following styles: Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Holidays, Musical theater, Tango, country western and more. It takes time and dedication to participate in such an amusing fundraiser.
Although it looks like fun and games viewing from the audience, there is a lot of work that goes into this program. Cheifette moms work together to get flyers out, get trophies, and put together goodie bags. The Chiefettes themselves work with their, in most cases, ¨uncoordinated¨ partners to teach them a self choreographed routine.
Finding a day that correlated to you and your partner’s schedule was pretty difficult, especially both being an athlete. My partner and I met every Sunday and everyday this past week until the final performance on Thursday.
In the midst of this process, male student athletes who participated were to also learn the dance “Michael” or “Virus”(as known to the band). “Michael” is a traditional dance that the Chiefettes and Cheerleaders perform on the sidelines of football games.
There is a lot of work put into this program and everyone felt scrambled. However, this process has truly brought me and my partner together. My partner, senior Andre Akinyemi, has been a mutual friend of mine since 7th grade. I chose him because I figured he could pick up routines quickly and also move quickly due to the sports he’s involved in, being in basketball and track. However, I definitely assumed wrong. It took him quite a bit of time to get certain moves down. But hip hop is a very intricate category of dance and Andre has done very well to have no dance experience. Although it took him a while, he is extremely determined. Andre won’t stop until he executes a move correctly. As we started to progress he got better and better as anyone would if they practiced and put in the work. Andre has high enthusiasm and is a very diligent worker when it comes to his books and his extracurricular activities. Andre mentioned his overall experience was, “Great. First it was hard since it was different from settings he’s used to but he overall liked it.” Us working together has molded our bond into a stronger friendship and over this past month I’ve truly gotten to know his character and have enjoyed every minute of working with him.

Thank you to those who supported the McIntosh Chiefettes in “Dancing
With the Chiefettes!” It was fun and filled with laughter. The Chiefettes sold over 277 tickets for last night’s event. The Chiefettes are excited to host and perform in many future fundraisers and events to come!