OPINION: A Homecoming Dance but No Pep Rally?


Chiefettes cheer on and show spirit to those around them on around the world float. Photo submitted by Olivia Anderson

Morgan Green, Staff Writer

Everyone is raving about the next biggest event being held at McIntosh High School. The homecoming dance will be held on Oct. 2 in the school gym. Most students plan on attending although COVID-19 is still a concern. The event will still be held, but food will not be provided.

As you may know, McIntosh is not having a pep rally this year due to COVID-19 which was a county-wide decision. I find it very intriguing how as a county we can decide no pep rally but homecoming is still happening? I’m all for homecoming and quite frankly I plan on attending however, I feel as though the county tends to pick and choose when to use the COVID-19 excuse. I do acknowledge that COVID-19 is very serious and it’s hard to adapt to this pandemic. However, if we’re going to use COVID-19 as an excuse to cancel things like pep rallies, why should a homecoming dance with people sweating and touching still be held? If anything, having a pep rally is safer than having a homecoming dance. It’s a lot easier to follow COVID-19 precautions in a pep rally than at a school dance.
Being an athlete at McIntosh, the main thing I was looking forward to was a pep rally. Performing in front of the school and feeling the energy from our students is something every athlete craves. As a dancer, dancing in front of a huge crowd of high-spirited students does nothing but make you dance harder. Not only is performing something we look forward to but the recognition of our diligent working team and our seniors is something we look forward to. Last but not least the spirit from our school and getting hyped for the next game. Substituting for our pep rally we had a small get-together after the Homecoming parade. It was nothing like a hyped pep rally but it was still a fun time performing in front of the students and parents who had time to show up. Thankfully we have a very spirited student section that brings fun energy and spirit to the games to hype up our athletes. Although, it would still feel great for our hard-working athletes to get that recognition from our staff and administration and all athletes can agree.