Why Maximum Ride is a Must Read

Brennan Robinson, Staff Writer

Maximum Ride is a book series written by James Patterson that is action packed and full of twists and turns. This series got my attention during my 6th grade literacy class. While I was at summer camp, my mom sent some of the books in this series to me. I then got so hooked that I begged my mom to get more, which she readily agreed.
In these books, there are many surprises. You believe something, then you turn the page and your thought gets thrown out the window. People once thought as friends turn to enemies and loved ones turn their backs on you and leave to form another group. Max, Fang, Iggy, Gizzy, Nudge and Angel are the people in the first book and so on throughout the series. These avian-humans are running for their lives constantly on the move never staying at one place at a time. These mutated characters were born in test tubes after being given to scientists as fertile eggs. Growing up as a test subject in cages, they finally were able to escape and run away. Running for their lives and having fast metabolism means that they had very little fresh food. Putting trust into people are the last things on their minds, but when they do, it usually ends up not being good and then they get betrayed. Being constantly attacked by the enemy has put a thought in Max’s mind. Are they being tracked? Is one of them a traitor? Are they being stalked? Max can never sit still or relax while being the leader because she has to watch out and make sure they are not attacked.
These books in my own opinion deserve four and a half stars. Not the full five because the content is a bit scattered and all over the place. It gets confusing at some important parts of the book. The dialogue sometimes does not make any sense and you have to re-read the sentence a lot. It is a good book series, but once you read it, you kind of don’t want to read it again. It also gets boring at parts, so much so that you just want to put it down and not want to continue reading. However, these books were really action packed and fun to read. You just have to keep reading and see where it goes before you try to put it down. Even out of order, Patterson makes sure to give a summary of what has happened at the beginning of the book. Even going as far to include the summary as a part of the story.