What it is Like to Take Tests Virtually

Brennan Robinson, Staff Writer

Virtual testing makes people have mixed feelings. Many people think it is better than at school while others like school over homeschooling. Many would argue that virtual is better because you get to do the work on your schedule. Others would argue that in school is better because you get face to face learning and teaching. Some teachers don’t understand that sometimes they can give too much work and not realise that the amount of time the students were given to complete these assignments is inadequate.
Two people who are having school at home over electronics have both said that they do prefer virtual over school but would still like to be in school. Anika ‘van den Enden told me in an interview that, “I like virtual way more than brick and mortar but would go back to school when it is the green schedule tho I do like how you get to do the work on your own schedule to a degree. I have been enjoying working at home but I have missed being able to at least see my friends in the hallway or in class.” Anika ‘van den Enden is planning to go virtual the whole highschool years but it is undecided.
While as, Mak still does like virtual school but would rather be doing in person school a lot more.
“I am trying my hardest to keep my grades up but most of the time my science teacher gives us way too much to do in so little time to do it,” Mak said.
He is now trying to make up the work that he didn’t turn in on time while trying to get done the work that is given each week. The problems Mak has put up with are learning something on his own one day then the very next day taking a quiz or test going over what they had just learned. It is very difficult to learn something by yourself and then be expected to know enough to quiz over it the next day.