Expectations Vs. Reality: Halloween


Photo by Nakia Harmon

Jordyn Mobley and Nakia Harmon

It’s spooky season and we all know what that means. Halloween has snuck upon us. It may be a trick for you to think that your Halloween is going to go perfectly. Now we’re not saying that your Halloween experience won’t be enjoyable. We’re just saying that your Halloween experience may be more of a trick than a treat.  

One expectation that people have is going to an epic Halloween party. The type of party where you get dressed up with your friends, go over someone’s house and eat sweets. Don’t be surprised if you’re eating the candy that you bought from Dollar Tree in your room by yourself watching Halloweentown on Disney Channel. 

Another expectation is stopping at all the neighborhoods that are notorious for handing out full-sized candy bars to trick or treaters. The only sad but true reality of this is that you will probably be stuck in the neighborhoods with the knock off Starbursts and Oreos. 

Your original Halloween plans may consist of you going to the scariest haunted house with your squad. The truth of the matter is that you will probably be dragged door to door by your younger siblings because your parents decided to have a pop-up date night and you’re stuck babysitting.

Right now you probably feel like a gigantic Jack-O-Lantern has dropped on your head. You shouldn’t dwell on a bad Halloween experience because the most unexpected Halloween experiences are the most memorable ones. Halloween isn’t about who has the most full-size candy bars or the most liked photos on Instagram. Your costume could get stuck in a door or a pillowcase full of candy may get left behind in a neighborhood across town, but you can at least say that you made a fun memory this Halloween. Life is not always going to be peachy, but sometimes you just have to make Jack-O-Lanterns into pumpkin pie.