Expectations Vs. Reality: Back To School

Jordyn Mobley and Nakia Harmon

The school year has come upon us, whether we’ve tried to rid the thoughts of it or if we’ve been secretly counting down the days until the beginning. The topic of back to school can be viewed through two perspectives, which are looking at your school supply list as if it’s simply a fun scavenger hunt or looking at your school supply list as just another piece of material that can be added to your campfire. No matter who you are, you have to admit that you’ve looked up at your bedroom ceiling the night before the first day of school pondering about the new school year to come. 

Expectations that arise from back to school can range from something as simple as having an extremely well-prepared breakfast as though you’ve walked into the kitchen of Master Chef to pulling up in a Tesla on the first day of school. One of the first expectations would have to be waking up to the perfect alarm system on time to your favorite song while putting on your clothes that you’ve arranged two days in advance. The truth is you’ll probably be waking up to your mom yelling at you because you overslept. 

Another expectation is having an absolutely superb first day of school breakfast fit for a king and queen. Just imagine having a gourmet breakfast consisting of waffles, bacon, and hashbrowns. Let’s be honest, your gourmet breakfast will most likely consist of a bowl, a spoon, milk, and a box of honey nut cheerios.

An expectation that just can’t be forgotten is having the perfect car pull schedule that guarantees that you’ll get to spend some quality time with your friends after a long day at school, however, you can’t forget that the bus is always waiting for you. Instead of talking with your friends, you’ll be talking to that person who’d rather stare at the window than start a conversation with you.

The expectations of back to school play out perfectly during your daydreams, but you still have to remember the word “expectation” is being used. Although, some of the most common expectations and realities of back to school have been thrown in your face that still doesn’t mean that you can’t have a flat out amazing school year. The school year will be amazing if you make the most of it!