Expectations Vs. Reality: Spring Break

Jordyn Mobley and Nakia Harmon

Spring break is just around the corner and we’re all waiting patiently for it to come. Spring break is infamous for taking trips with friends and family. However, not everyone is able to go on lavish vacations such as taking a cruise on the Royal Caribbean International or spending time at Great Wolf Lodge. Trust me. No one is knocking those vacations; this is just shedding light on the fact that not everyone has the chance to partake in those luxurious vacations. Okay, it’s time for you to sit down, relax, and put on a good pair of listening ears because all the bubbles that you have blown need to burst. Your expectations may cloud your judgment right now but, you need to be familiar with the actual reality of your spring break.

An expectation that most people have when going on spring break is being able to sleep in and relax. We all expect to have a “Hakuna Matata” type of spring break with no worries and no cares. However, serenity is not what everyone experiences. The actual reality is your alarm clock blasting your ears at 7 o’clock in the morning waking you up for your extravagant day job where you get the pleasure of dunking french fries into a deep fryer. If you are one of the lucky people who didn’t take a job application, your spring break will be a blast.  If you did snatch a job application, your spring is most likely going to be a bust.

Another expectation that kids have during spring break is being able to hang out with all your friends for the entire week. But what happens if you’re the only person in town? A reality that is certain is taking your little sister’s stuffed animals named Pinky and Bobby and pretending as though you’re at Starbucks drinking a vanilla bean mocha latte grande all while dishing out the tea. You should forget about hitching a ride during spring break because not everyone plans to have a stay at home vacay which explains why your friend can’t pick up from Athens, referring to the one in Greece. Downloading Uber and Lyft sounds like a pretty smart idea right about now.

All the instances that were discussed involving the expectations and realities of spring break weren’t meant to discourage you from having an amazing time. This was merely meant to stop you from wasting your time by photoshopping pictures of yourself from your so-called “extravagant spring break.” With that being said, don’t be a debbie downer when your best friends tell you that they’re spending their spring break in the Bahamas. Just know that there are multiple people just like you having fun at home on their sofa bingewatching Netflix shows. Hopefully, those instances of the expectations and realities haven’t scared you too much because you can only experience spring break 2019 once so why not make the most of it?