Students share opinions on the Women’s March

Arden Estep, Opinions Editor

Linda Fretwell (Flickr common)
After Trump’s inauguration, protesters participate in the Women’s March on Washington.

The Women’s March occurred on January 21, the day after Trump’s election. These worldwide marches and protests have sprouted since Trump’s election.Women and men of all age groups and all backgrounds gathered together to march for the importance of equal rights and make their voices heard.

Sophomore Blake Chase said, “I personally believe that the recent Women’s Marches are a complete waste of time. These women are treated just as equally as men. They receive the same pay, if not more. Here is one example. Have you ever been at Chick-fil-A and had a male cashier? If you answered no to that question, it is because men usually start in the back and have to make their way up to manager. Women however, usually start at cashier and then continue to move forward. There’s a few less steps for them while they are trying to climb the ladder. I am, in mo way, saying that women should be paid less or treated less. I am only saying stop complaining and stop marching. These marches are a waste of your time. If you have a problem with a certain company, take it to them. Do not take it to the government. Do not complain about the government. It is annoying.”

Freshman Bethany Colbert said, “The marches are a positive thing. It’s about time that we stand up and speak our minds. I’m excited for what is to come and what results from these marches. Remember, chins up, Princesses, or the crowns slip.”