Students express opinions about homework


Jackson Stone

Students’ opinions about homework differ.

Jackson Stone, Staff Writer

One of the most highly-debated topics in education has been how much homework students should have each night. There have been countless studies done on the subject, and as students continue the grind at McIntosh, some offered their opinions as to how much homework is simply too much.

Freshman Andrew Villiger said, “I’d say maybe 15-20 minutes per class. Just enough to let you remember and completely understand the concepts.”

Many students thought there should be even less than that. Freshman Natalie Marshall said, “[Too much is when] there’s homework in every single class.”

Some students feel that there should not be homework at all. Freshman Zoe Smith said, “Schoolwork is for school, not home.”

However they phrase it, many students seem to share the common belief that the homework they currently receive each night is a little (or way) too much.