Students compare golfcarts and cars

McIntosh students are privileged to have the choice between driving the golfcart or car to school each day. However, debates about which one is better often occur.

Seniors Sarah Penoyer said, “I prefer to take the car because it is faster, and it doesn’t mess up your hair.” A majority of seniors agree that driving a car is a better route.

Some students, such as junior Tyler Nigro, only drive the golfcart because they don’t have their licenses yet.

While seniors Sarah Penoyer and Amelia Farrell believe the car is faster, sophmore Kyle Diogo said, “I prefer the golf cart because it is easier to get around in.”

Junior Emily Watmore said, “I prefer taking the golf cart because it is faster, and I believe there is less traffic than for Chick-fil-a Cars.” Amelia Lord contradicts Emily’s belief.

She said, “I prefer the car because I dislike the golf cart traffic that occurs after school.”

There appears to be majority vote among students for taking cars  to and from school even if it is students, such as freshman Zach Anderson, that ride along with either their older siblings or parents to school. This majority believe that there are more spots to park you car than there are for golf carts.

Teacher Mrs. Chaffin said, “I like the students using the golf cart more because it is safer, and it also avoids the afternoon golf cart traffic.”

Mrs. Walton also agrees by saying, “Taking the golf cart is better for the environment.”

Even though there are benefits for both, there are also negatives aspects for both.



Photos were taken by Staff Writer Breana Reynolds.