ITunes should support charities, not entertainers


Carme Ferreira

Screen shot of ITunes and a file sharing program called BitTorrent

Downloadable music should not make entertainers richer. Artists will always be able to earn enough money by charging fans at live shows.

Imagine what $2 could do for a family without food. With the billions spent on music, fans could instead give it to a family in a third world country that has not eaten in three days.

Many music artists have such a large amount of money they do not know what to spend it on.

McIntosh student Shyanne Clerk  said that she likes the idea of supporting charities. Shyanne said, “Soon the top rated songs will be forgotten, and children that are helped in poor countries will never forget the day that they got an opportunity to go to school and live their dream.”

Downloaded music should benefit the needy, not the rich.