What’s in store?

The Avenue welcomes new storefronts in addition to eight new Tesla supercharging stations


Livi Jacobs

Lululemon opened a new permanent storefront in the Avenue.

Livi Jacobs, Staff Writer

The Avenue is a well-known shopping center in Peachtree City where students, friends and families browse clothing stores, buy books and eat food at the fountain.

“I like to go to the Avenue because it’s a fun and enjoyable place I can go with my friends. There is always a place we all like. My friends and I’s favorite place is Moes,” Olivia Sanchez (9) said.

There are currently 46 shops in the circle. The most well-known storefronts are Lululemon, Victoria’s Secret, American Eagle, Bath & Body Works and Sephora. The Avenue was originally built in 2000 but has since expanded and added a variety of other stores. As of 2023, the Avenue has welcomed four new businesses to the shopping center including European Wax Center, Southern Goods, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, and Lululemon is now a permanent tenant. 9292 Korean BBQ and Heirloom Donuts are both businesses that are coming soon.

“I think building new stores in the avenue is a great way to bring in more customers and add more variety to the center. I’m happy that Lululemon isn’t just a pop-up store anymore since a lot of people shop there including myself,” Jackie Esquivel (9) said.

According to “The Avenue Peachtree City welcomes five new tenants, adds Tesla supercharging stations” in The Citizen, the shopping area “has added eight Tesla supercharging stations to the center. Located on the [Georgia] Highway 54 side of the property near Takko, the charging stations will be available for public use starting on February 3, 2023.”

The Avenue is hosting upcoming events including an Earth Day Celebration on April 22 and Laugh Out Loud Comedy Nights which is ongoing.

The location for the Avenue is 239 City Cir #1050, Peachtree City, GA 30269.