You HOPE’d, they delivered

Thanks to Georgia’s budget surplus, the scholarship will cover 100% of tuition


Rebekah Bushmire

The McIntosh High School class of 2022 at graduation in May. Photo by Rebekah Bushmire

Luke Soule, Multimedia Editor

Previously only covering about 80-90% of tuition in Georgia, the HOPE Scholarship will be able to pay for 100% of tuition for students attending public universities due to a Georgia budget change that allowed for extra funding, according to WTOC-TV’s article “State budget change means HOPE Scholarship now covers 100% of tuition” on Apr. 6.

In order to be able to keep the scholarship, students must maintain a 3.0 GPA.

With students attempting to integrate a job and other extracurricular activities into their busy high school and even college careers, the scholarship allows for less stress when applying and figuring out college life.

Although HOPE covers full tuition, students still have to consider textbooks, housing, transportation, and food.

The HOPE Scholarship covered 100% tuition before the Zell Miller Scholarship was introduced in 2011. 

Since that time, the Zell Miller Scholarship was used to cover the latter amount that the HOPE Scholarship didn’t fill, with a requirement of a 3.7 GPA.