Update: Georgia Senate runoff election results

Luke Soule, Staff Writer

Dec. 6 was Election Day for the Georgia Senate runoff election. Republican candidate Herschel Walker and incumbent Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock were each vying to become a U.S. Senator representing Georgia.

According to the latest update from CNN, Raphael Warnock won with 51.4% of the votes, and Herschel Walker with 48.6% of the votes. This victory for the Democrats now locks in the Democratic majority in the Senate.

According to “Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock will win Georgia Senate runoff” published on CNN, “Democrats will now control 51 seats to the GOP’s 49. Although the party won the Senate majority in November, the runoff victory will allow Democrats to dispense with the current power-sharing agreement with Republicans and give them greater leverage in the chamber next year.” The incumbent Warnock has been in the Senate since 2021, and his next victory solidifies his place within the Senate for the next two years.

With varying viewpoints within the student body, McIntosh students responded to the Warnock’s victory in different ways.

“Not a fan of [Warnock] winning personally, I was more rooting for Walker,” junior Isaac Blevins said.

“I think it’s good [that Raphael Warnock won]. It could be interesting to see what he does next,” junior Alex Roggermeier said.