Teenager charged with domestic terrorism threats towards two Fayette County schools


Press release on Nov.16 from Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.

Grace Lovejoy, Features Editor

Editor’s note: While the teenager’s name has been widely shared, the Trail staff made the decision not to disclose the person’s name. While an article in The Citizen lists the student’s age as 17, booking records show his age as 16.

On Nov.15, a Fayette County high school student was arrested and charged with domestic terrorism and terroristic threats and acts.

The student made two social media posts that were directed at two Fayette County schools.

The student is being held in Fayette County Jail without bond as of Friday, Nov. 18. Officials have not confirmed which schools were targeted with threats.

“The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office strongly urges parents to have a serious discussion with their students concerning threats of school violence,” said Sheriff Barry Babb, quoting from an article in The Citizen.


Editor’s note: In an earlier version of this story, an image of the press release contained the name of the teenager arrested; in keeping with the Editorial Board’s decision not to name the person, the Trail has removed that version and has replaced it with the teenager’s name redacted. The Trail regrets the error.