Claire’s Has Returned to the Avenue


Photo made by: Talia Morley

Talia Morley, Staff Writer

In late Dec. 2021, it was announced that the store Claire’s will be welcomed back to the Peachtree City Avenue and in early Feb. 2022, Claire’s had their grand reopening.

The Avenue is a well-known, small outdoor shopping center located in Peachtree City, GA. There are about 45 stores and restaurants including: clothing stores for both men and women, children’s stores and a variety of different kinds of food. Monday through Saturday, the Avenue hours are from 10am-7pm, and Sunday hours are from noon to 6pm.

After closing the store in 2018, Claire’s has returned to The Avenue in a new space. It is now located in the old Gigi’s Cupcakes store between American Eagle and Rack Room Shoes in 202 City Circle.

“I’m glad Claire’s returned to The Avenue, I really liked shopping there and hated having to go to Newnan just to go to the store”, Aubree Sewell said, a freshman.

The store Claire’s is a jewelry, accessory and toy store originally made to target young girls or teens which sell a variety of different things. Although it may seem like a feminine store, the store contains suitable items for both genders, including the jewelry they sell.

They sell jewelry such as; finger and toe rings, necklaces and chains, all body jewelry (nose ring, naval jewelry), many different styles of earrings ( dangly, stud, hoop, bar), bracelets and more.

“I love that Claire’s is back in the Avenue, I don’t understand why it left to begin with because Caire’s is a childhood memory and growing up everyone always got their piercings there,” said Amy Marquez, a junior.

They also sell many accessories including: hair ties, tiaras, phone cases, sashes, head bands, nail polish, colorful hair, lanyards, sunglasses, make-up, wallets, purses and much more.

Claire’s not only sells jewelry, but they are also a piercing store and they do piercings such as: your earlobe, cartilage and nose.

The hours for Claire’s on Mondays through Saturdays are from 10 a.m. closing at 9 p.m., and on Sundays Claire’s doesn’t open until 12 p.m. closing at 6 p.m.

“I’m excited Claire’s has returned to the Avenue, we needed better stores there anyways,” Jazmin Naranjo, a junior said.

The Avenue is currently removing many old stores and restaurants to replace them with new, more popular stores. With The Avenues addition to new stores, there are hopes that there will be an increase in business and profit.

“I worked at Claire’s in Newnan for about a year, and when I found out Claire’s was opening at the Peachtree City Avenue I immediately applied for a transfer because it’s closer to my home. I think it’s really great that Claire’s was brought back to The Avenue because there really were not many stores for teens to shop at and Claire’s is a very popular store for young girls, and teens. We also have cute jewelry and do piercings which everybody loves,” a Claire’s employee says.