Astroworld Tragedy

Alise Morawsky, Staff Writer

According to USA Today, the Astroworld Festival took place in Houston Texas at NRG Park; this was a two-day event where around 50,000 people assembled. As of now, there has been a reported total of ten deaths and many hospitalized from crowds of people charging the stage during the Travis Scott performance at the Astroworld Festival. At approximately 9 pm, American rapper Travis Scott arrived on stage, a large crowd of people tried to push and make their way closer to the stage to see Scott’s performance. At around 9:25 pm, people could be seen struggling to stay on their feet. As this crowd forced their way to the stage more began to suffer.
Statements began to come out about attendees of the concert discussing how they were not able to breathe properly and they were being trampled when other attendees began to rush the stage. Since this tragedy, Scott has posted a Twitter apology on November 6 this apology stating,
“I’m absolutely devastated by what took place last night,” said Scott in his Twitter post. “My prayers go out to the families and all those impacted by what happened at the Astroworld Festival.”
“I just wanna send out prayers to the ones that were lost last night; we are actually working right now to identify the families, so we can help assist them through this tough time,” said Scott on a video posted on his Instagram story.
I do think Scott’s apology seemed insincere. In the video he was not well-spoken at all, he put a filter on his apology video which I think is very unprofessional due to it being a distraction from the purpose of the video. Throughout the video, he constantly rubbed his forehead and continuously sighed. These actions during his apology made many people disappointed including myself.
“His apology video was horrible,” said sophomore Aris Bolling
The rapper has now gotten over 400 lawsuits piled up for not only himself but lawsuits have been filed against Astroworld organizers and guest performer Drake as well. Most believe this could have been prevented if Scott would have just paid more attention to the crowd. I do agree that it is partially Scott’s fault and this could have been prevented as many people took their last breath and others screamed to stop the concert, yet Scott continued to perform.