The End of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Creative Commons

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s promotional art.

Max Lawson, Photography Editor

In Dec. of 2018, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was released by Nintendo as the latest entry in the Super Smash Bros. series. 3 years later, the game that became a bestseller, influential esport, and cultural phenomenon has finally ended its ongoing development. Although this does not mean that the game will not still be played, the consistent updates that have been occurring since the game’s release have come to an end. This is following the release of the final character: Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series.
“I like Sora, but I really hate him,” said Senior Chris Kyslinger. “I’m glad he’s the last character, but he’s really annoying to play against.”
This reflected the opinion of many players, with most being excited by his inclusion, but opinions about the character’s use varying.
“Sora feels so right as the last character,” said Freshman Armaan Chadha. The positive opinion of many people regarding Sora’s inclusion has led to Smash Bros. Ultimate’s development ending on a positive note.
“He deserves a rest,” said Senior Cole Wiese, referring to the game’s longtime director, Masahiro Sakurai.
Continuing, Wiese said that “I’m glad that the game won’t be changing anymore, especially for tournaments.” Though the game’s development is coming to an end, the esports community for the game will, as Wiese mentioned, be glad to play using an environment that is no longer changing.
“People are happy about the end” said Senior Zack Alsup when asked about general reception to the game’s ending development. From many perspectives, this has been a well received end to a popular game and its final character.