The Evolution of Apple iPhones up to the iPhone 13: Should You Buy It or Not?


Created by Talia Morley

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Talia Morley, Staff Writer

On Sept. 24, 2021, Apple released the iPhone 13. This phone comes in many different sizes and colors and has slight changes from the other iPhones. Apple has been improving their iPhones with every phone that has been released.

Since the release of the first iPhone in 2007, Apple has released over 20 iPhone models that have many features that have changed over the years. The first five iPhones released by apple had the original home button, but when the iPhone 5S came out, touch ID was introduced. Following touch ID, the iPhone 6S models introduced 3D touch in the home button meaning, you don’t have to press down the button to unlock the phone. Following the home buttons, the iPhone X released the new feature of face ID, which is now continued with the newer models. The iPhones camera quality has drastically improved from starting at 2.0 megapixels to now being 12 megapixels with a much clearer focus lens. Another upgrade in the iPhones is the storage. The first iPhone was released having only 128 MB of storage and now, the newest iPhones can contain up to 1 TB of storage. Over the years, Apple has also increased the size of the iPhones greatly from starting at 3.5 Inches at the smallest, to the biggest size now being 6.7 Inches.

“I had my mom’s old iPhone 5S and I liked it because it was fun sized, it was like pocket sized,” said junior Anthony Rodriguez.

The look of the camera has changed a lot from having one single lens, to now having up to three different lenses. With the addition of a multi-camera lens, portrait mode on the front and back camera has been introduced, along with multiple different lens modes used to enhance the camera quality. Apple has also released many colors for the iPhones including: red, black, white, silver, gold, rose gold, blue, coral, purple, yellow and many more. Colors of iPhones vary depending on the type of iPhone.

“My first iPhone was the iPhone 6 and my favorite thing about it was that it was small and the color was rose gold,” said junior Jazmin Naranjo.

The newest iPhones to be released are the iPhone 13 models, all released on Sept. 24, 2021. Starting with the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini, features of this phone include: the new diagonal camera with two lenses. Colors include light pink, red, white, black and blue. In addition, the new A15 chip was released in these iPhones and it makes the phone process a lot faster. Significant improvements of the new camera include cinematic mode and many new photographic styles. The iPhone 13 is listed as the same price as the iPhone 12, but it offers double the storage. The iPhone 13 remains at 6.1 inches while the iPhone 13 mini is 5.4 inches. The iPhone 13 mini has the same features as the iPhone 13 but is listed at $699 starting price for 128GB of storage. The iPhone 13 Pro is 6.1 inches and the iPhone 13 Pro Max is 6.7 inches and they both feature a super retina XDR display with ProMotion. In addition to a wide and ultra wide camera it also has a Telephoto camera which greatly enhances lighting in photos. It comes with a LiDAR scanner for night mode photography and it makes the photos lighting better at night time. The new 1 TB storage capacity is offered for the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max and it is the most storage ever offered on an iPhone. The battery was also upgraded and can now support up to 28 hours of non-stop video playback. The Pros come in the colors of silver, graphite, gold and Pacific blue.

So, should you buy it or not? Well, the iPhone 13 comes with many different and new colors, and it offers more storage than the iPhone 12 for the same amount of money. It also has more battery life and is more durable than the older iPhone models, and it comes with new and improved cameras. Pricing starts at $999 for the Pro and $1,099 for the Pro Max with 128 GB. The price for 256 GB is $1,099 for the Pro, and $1,199 for the Pro Max. Although the phones may be expensive they offer many new features that the older iPhones do not offer and the phone quality has definitely improved greatly.

“I was going to get the iPhone 13 but I’m not getting it anymore because I would be phoneless until October 27th because they are out of stock,” said junior Camille Garrett. “I was gonna get it for the great new camera and the even better phone battery, and it’s the newest phone so it wont start glitching, like how Apple makes their older phones glitch so you buy a new one.”