PSAT Day – What’s Happening? And What are ‘Senior Activities?’

Photo credit: Creative Commons

Photo credit: Creative Commons

Landon Wilde , News Editor/ Sports Editor

On Wednesday, Oct. 13, students at McIntosh will be taking the PSAT. Freshmen and sophomores are required to take the PSAT while the juniors are taking the ASVAB. If juniors wished to take the PSAT they had to pay $20 in order to do so.

Students have been provided useful information through the welcome screen they are presented with when turning on their Chromebooks. Links to the bell schedule and room assignments are there for students to review. The room assignments document will help students find the class they are designated to be in at the beginning of the day. Students are to scroll to their corresponding grade level and then locate where their last names fall in alphabetic order.

Seniors, who are not required to take any standardized test, will be participating in senior activities. The senior activities are listed in the following document sent out in the Chiefs Connection:

Some senior activities consist of selecting gown size, taking a class picture, and the performance of a play called “14 Ways to Fail your College Interview” among others. The play is based on Ian McWethy’s “13 Ways to Screw Up Your College Interview” but with a McIntosh twist.

“We made some scenes,” said Liza Faraldi who is acting in the play.

“The primary audience are seniors so I feel this will connect to them more than anyone else and hopefully make them feel better when they apply to college,” Faraldi said.

Once all testing and senior activities have concluded students will continue their day with class periods four through seven. However, these classes will be 25 minutes each.