Caleb Anderson Goes To Georgia Tech At 13 Years Old


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Georgia Tech Flag | John Trainor | Flickr

Talia Morley, Staff Writer

Imagine being a college student at thirteen years old, and imagine going to the 35th best college in the United states at thirteen. On Aug. 23, 2021 Caleb Anderson started attending Georgia Tech. Caleb Anderson is a thirteen year old boy who was born a “genius” said by Daisy Hernandez from NPR. Caleb’s mother learned sign language for him so they could communicate when he was a baby and at just three weeks old he began to copy her signs and gestures. According to NPR, when he was six months old, he started reading and at nine months old he was able to sign over 250 words. Caleb passed the first grade when he was three years old. Although could have skipped all of middle school, he still attended middle school for the seventh grade to build social skills and to be surrounded by others.

While he was in middle school he faced some hardships. According to NPR, “A Georgia Boy Started Reading At 6 Months Old. Now 12, He’s in College ”, They looked down on me because I was younger than them. And not only that, the curriculum was boring to me because I learn really, really fast. One day I came to my mom and she asked me, ‘Are you happy here?’ and I said, ‘No, I’m really bored. This isn’t challenging me,” said Caleb Anderson.

Joining MENSA at 3 years old, Caleb is the youngest black male to be a member of the organization. I asked a senior at McIntosh High School who is wanting to attend Georgia Tech next fall “ How does it feel for a 13 year old to get into Georgia Tech if you may be worried about getting in yourself?”

“I find the situation very interesting. I don’t doubt Caleb Anderson is an extremely bright kid, however he transferred from a technical college and did not need to take the SAT or ACT to be accepted into Tech ( waiver due to COVID) which makes the acceptance requirements easier to meet,” said Joe Metzler. “Regardless, it makes me want to strive in my classes, maintain my GPA, and eventually see him on campus.”