We Apologize.


We sincerely aplogize for the confusion based on our social media post from Sat Aug. 21.

On Sat, Aug. 21, the McIntosh Trail posted inaccurate information regarding the mask mandate on our Instagram (@mcintosh.trail). We said that the requirement for masks in-school ended on Mon, Aug. 23, while in actuality it is set to end (as of now) on Wed, Aug 25. This was due to a lapse in fact-checking from our editorial board. To ensure this will not occur again, we will take more time and consideration into what we post. We take the accusations of being ‘fake news’ seriously; however, this mistake was not by any means intentional. As a staff, the most important thing to us is your trust. We strive to have transparency with our audience, and we sincerely apologize for the mistake we have made and for any confusion caused by it.


The McIntosh Trail staff