HBCU’s Are Currently Thriving

Allie Meadows, Staff Writer

The 2021 school year has been booming for Historically Black Colleges also known as HBCU’s, lately.

This is all because of what former President Donald Trump said at the National HBCU Week Conference on Sep. 26, 2020. The White House investment increased HBCU’s by 14.3%. Many were very surprised that he showed up. He also surprised lots of people when he said, “And you’ve made all of America very proud of you.”

After Trump’s speech, many people have realized that HBCU’s have produced 80% of all black judges and 50% of the black doctors in America. HBCU’s did all of this still knowing that they only make up three percent of colleges and universities in America.
MHS students were asked what they think about HBCU’s and Freshman, Aaliyah Meadows, says, “I think that HBCUs are amazing. Not only do you get a great education, but you also get to walk on the face of history.”

With all of the good things going on for HBCU’s, they are still crumbling. Many colleges are raising tuition and fees and federal budget cuts are coming for them. These things are killing HBCU’s. Most students are low-income or first-generation students. According to the Hechinger Report, fifteen HBCUs have closed since 1997. The private HBCUs also saw a forty-two percent drop in federal funding. This happened between the years of 2003 and 2015.